In moving from the road to mountain bikes, I decided I should start by getting a real MTB helmet.  I wanted something that would protect my head in case of a fall, offering extended protection to the rear of the head as well.  I took a look at several helmets

I looked at serveral helmets that advertised extended coverage, but did not extend nearly as far as my top 3:

The three that actually provided extended coverage for me in the rear were:

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Hello World

Or how the roadie got to the mountain bikes

I’ve spent my life loving pretty much anything with wheels.  It was my BMX bike as a kid – cars, motorcycles and road bikes since then.  Growing up, we would visit our family in Europe and I was enamored with the efficiency of city planning and the ability to live car free with a bicycle.   I got serious about road biking in my late teens/early 20s and did some tours and races for “fun”.  The whole touring thing suddenly became less fun when acquaintances were being run over and injured and killed.  So I just stuck to commuting and racing.  Finally racing stopped being fun because I was spending time slaving on a trainer focusing on heart rate zones and it became no fun.  Finally I moved and commuting by bicycle was no longer an option.  So cycling was no longer enjoyable and I wanted to spice things up.

I decided to get into mountain biking because it doesn’t involve cars, and it is more of a return to the youthful fun I had.  Instead of a sweet aero position that lets me watch the sweat drip off of my thighs as I click off miles, I get to see the world around me as I pass by.  Ideally with the mountain bikes I will be going places cars and 4x4s can’t even go and have fun.  If I need to grind out miles there are cars for that–but for enjoying the countryside — the mountain bike will be my weapon of choice.