Rough Draft Bike Build Complete

Here’s the Rough Draft Build of a 9:zero:7 135mm Fatbike Frame with a gates Centertrack and Alfine 11.9Zero7 135mm Sliding Dropout Frame

Race Face Turbine 100mm BB/Crankset Installed
Bling Chainring Bolts and Brooks Installed

Brooks Saddle, Carver MyTi Bars Installed — Trying to figure out the look I want with crankset bolts.

Gates and Alfine Work, Rear Wheel is Spinning
I decided to go with a white bashplate to tie the black/white colors together.  Mike at did an excellent job on some Tron Blue Rolling Darryls.  Here the rear wheel is turning!  The gates and Alfine are happily married!  Cannondale Lefty with clamps from Mendon Cycle Smith.

Rear tire is on!
Got the rear tire on — Surly Knard along with the rim strips…

Reflective Blue Tape Behind Tron Blue Rolling Darryls
Retroreflective Blue Tape for some nice nighttime light shows and safety!

Rough Draft
Front Wheel on and Everything _ALMOST_ together! I am waiting on a rear brake bracket I ordered one last Wednesday shipped next day air — but it didn’t ship until Friday 😦

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